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eWheels Polo 

About us

I am a 4th generation former Polo player who has always been very passionate about the sport.  Like any proud father, I hoped that one day my son would share that same passion.  I found that eWheels Polo was the perfect product to combine the tradition of Polo with the electronics kids crave.  


He agreed to try and within a few days was able to ride like a pro!  He was getting exercise, spending time outdoors, and setting his mind to a task.  The next challenge was to ride and strike a ball with a Polo mallet. Once again, he rose to the task.  


He had a blast learning to keep his balance while trying to swing the mallet.  He ended up on the grass plenty of times but ultimately got the hang of it.  He loved the challenge and within a few weeks was gliding down the field and consistently hitting the ball.  Soon after, he was moving from side to side, controlling the ball, and scoring goals with full swings.


I realized that eWheels Polo was a chance for kids and newcomers alike to learn the sport of Polo.  I decided to try myself and failed miserably.  I thought it was near impossible for a grown man to balance, swing, and hit the ball.  Never one to give up, I set my mind to mastering the product.  Soon enough, to my surprise, I was playing eWheels Polo with my son.  I could not have imagined the excitement and adrenaline rush!


As I played with and watched my son, I thought it would be great to have an eWheels Polo competitions for kids.  The end of the Polo season came too fast.  We weren’t able to put the competitions together in 2018, but plan to do so by the end of 2019 into 2020.


One of the biggest challenges for children starting Polo is that the horse is between 20 to 40 times their size.  Trying to master the animal while controlling a mallet twice their size can be frustrating.  Let alone swinging the mallet and making contact with the ball.  This frustrating process has driven many talented players away from the sport.  That’s where this product comes in.  eWheels Polo accelerates the overall Polo learning curve.  By removing the horse, the player can focus on field position, mallet control, hand/eye coordination, speed and overall gameplay.  As an added bonus, players develop better balance and core  strength, both of which are essential for horseback riders.  


Horseback riding lessons will still be necessary to play Polo, but eWheels Polo will get your player ahead of the game!


eWheels Polo is growing fast.  I’m excited about what is to come and the opportunities this product provides.  What started as an electric unicycle for transportation is now converted into a sport that combines Polo tradition with innovation for newcomers and seasoned veterans alike.


For more information, please email me at  Follow us on IG @eWheelsPolo, like us on Facebook eWheelsPolo and visit our website at

Use a helmet, flex your knees, keep your shoulder forward and your butt back….and have fun!


Enrique Sanz de Santamaría 


eWheels Polo - Chief Experience Officer

M. & WhatsApp +1-3057754402

FB @eWheelsPolo

IG  @eWheelsPolo - to buy your electric unicycle

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